2e. Rocking Half Turns with Both Left and Right Rocks

"Step, Step, Piv-ot"
-ot (no weight)

The follower takes a very
large side step with her
right foot in this figure.

The leader is getting out
of the follower's way so
that she is able to step
straight forward on the slot.
This figure combines the rocking turns in sections 2c. and 2d., except that the figures are done with half turns instead of quarter turns.

THE LEADER uses two steps to build a half turn. He does a quarter turn as he rocks backward and another quarter turn as he steps sideways.

These half turns are done as if the dancers are in a straight slot. When the leader steps backward out of his rock steps, making quarter turns, he should step back far enough off of the straight slot to allow the follower to pass by him and stay on the slot. She should not have to go around him. He should get out of her way.

THE FOLLOWER, like the leader, gets two steps to make her half turn when she rocks back on her right foot. However, when she rocks back on her left foot, she gets only one step in which to make the turn. She pivots 180 degrees on her one foot (her left foot). At first, this will be a challenge, but if you keep your chest forward and pivot only when your weight has completely shifted to your front foot, you will pivot smoothly.

KEY POINTS: If you are having difficulty with this figure combination, review the material in chapters one and two with a focus on good posture, a solid frame, and connection with your partner. The more you've incorporated these fundamentals into your dancing, the easier it will be to execute more complicated figures.

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