2d. Side Rocks on Leader's Right/Follower's Left with Quarter Turns

This figure, like the one in the previous section, is a rock with a turn to the leader's left. However, the rock is on the leader's right/follower's left foot.

THE LEADER rocks forward with his right foot and makes a quarter turn as he rocks back with his left foot. Next, he steps in place with his right foot and takes a side step with his left. He is now ready to repeat the figure.

Remember that the rotation of the chest begins the turning motion and turning foot steps follow from it. Remember, also, to keep your follower with you as you turn by keeping your arms in front of you.

THE FOLLOWER rocks back on her left foot and steps forward on her right foot. She then steps forward on her left, pivoting a quarter turn on this foot. Next, she takes a side step to the right and is ready to repeat the figure.

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