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Argentine Tango 2 - Chapters 6 to 9+

Intermediate Argentine Tango

Chapter Six - OCHOS AGAIN

6a. Basic Front Ochos Led Counter to Follower’s Motion

6b. Front Ochos from a Rock

6c. Front Ochos with Sacadas

6d. Front Ochos with Stops

6e. Back Ocho from a Rock

6f. Back Ocho into a Sandwich

6g. Progressive Back Ochos

Chapter Seven - GRAPEVINES

7a. Grapevine with a Stop

7b. Grapevine with a 2 Sacadas

7c. Grapevine with a Sandwich

7d. Embellishing the First Step of the Grapevine

7d. Lapis with a Stop

Chapter Eight - BOLEOS

8a. Back Boleos

8b. Small, Quick Boleos

8c. Rocking Turn with Small Boleos

8d. Embellishing the Boleo

Chapter Nine - POSES

9a. Pose #1

9b. Pose #2

9c. Pose #3

9d. Pose #4

9e. Pose #5

(This Chapter is also included in Argentine Tango 1)

1e. Walking Forward

2e. Walking Backward

3e. Finding Your Axis

4e. Ochos Against the Wall and on the Floor

5e.Grapevines Against the Wall

6e. Grapevines By Yourself on the Floor

7e. Leading and Following with Follower’s Hands on Leader’s Shoulders

8e. Leading and Following with Only Leader’s Right/Follower’s Left Arms for Connection

9e. Walking Together - Leader backward/Follower forward

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