2c. Side Rocks on Leader's Left/Follower's Right with Quarter Turns

Shown: 2 complete sequences
plus first step of a 3rd sequence
In this illustration, the Leader's sequence is: Forward Step, back,Side, Side, or
  • Step ahead (weight), together (no weight),
  • Back (weight), together (no weight)
  • Side (weight), together (no weight)
  • Side (weight), together (no weight)
The Follower's sequence: Step back, Step ahead, Side, Side -- bringing the feet together before each step

This figure combines a basic rocking turn with side steps to create an easy and beautiful figure that can be repeated.

THE LEADER rocks forward on his left foot. When he rocks back on his right foot, he makes a quarter turn, collecting his left foot next to his right. He then takes a side step to the left and another side step to the right. At this point, the figure can be repeated.

With the rock, the direction (forward, side, or back) is secondary to the 'step-then-bring-other-foot-
together-without-weight' .The idea is that whichever foot is stepping, it must first go alongside the other foot, and afterwards step somewhere.

As the leader rocks back with the right foot and makes a quarter turn, he rotates his chest and shoulders to the left, which causes the follower to turn as well. The timing of this chest rotation is important. It should not happen after the leader rocks back into a quarter turn. The rotation of the chest should begin the turning motion, with the rocking back into a quarter turn following from it.

Leaders must be sure to bring their followers with them when they turn. You can keep her with you by being sure to keep your arms in front of you as you rotate your chest. If you allow your arms to shift to the right as your chest rotates left, your follower will be left behind. You can prevent this from happening by minimizing the motion in your shoulders and keeping them down and firm.

THE FOLLOWER rocks back on her right foot. When she rocks forward on her left foot, she makes a quarter turn, collecting her right foot next to her left. She then takes a side step with her right foot and another side step with her left. At this point the figure can be repeated.

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