2b. Basic Rocking Turn

The same rocking,
but with a turn

Step (weight), Step together (no weight),
Step (weight), Step together (no weight) etc.

Like stepping in place and basic rocks, rocking turns are useful figures when there is not a lot of space on the dance floor. They are also a good test of your connection with your partner.

THE LEADER does basic rocks, but turns slightly with each step (both the front and back steps). Concentrate on keeping your partner in front of you as you turn.

THE FOLLOWER also turns slightly with each step of the rock because she focuses on staying in front of the leader with her chest facing his. As he turns, she must turn in order to stay in front of him. No matter what the figure, a follower tries to stay in front of her partner with her chest facing his, unless clearly led to do otherwise.

KEY POINTS: The key points about connection with your partner that are listed in the previous section since they are important in turning rocks, as well as in every figure you will do in tango, are worth repeating:

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