1e. Leader Alternating Steps from Right to Center to Left of Follower

The leader's 5 steps --
  • left (on track)
  • right (to lady's right)
  • left (back on track)
  • right (in track)
  • left (to lady's left)

Although the majority of Argentine tango is done with the partners to the right of each other, dancers have to option to walk to the left and many advanced moves put the partners to the left of each other. It is, therefore, important to gain comfort with dancing both to the right and left of your partner as well as directly in front of him or her.

THE LEADER: The first three steps of this pattern are exactly the same as those in section 1c: stepping to the center, to the right, and then to the center again. However, instead of taking the fourth step to the right of the follower, the leader stays in front of her for another step and then steps to her left. In this way he easily travels back and forth from her right to her center to her left.
Stepping to the left or right of center by itself does not look like much but is a foundation for much of Agentine tango

Remember to check yourself to make sure you are either clearly to the side or directly in front of your partner with each step.

THE FOLLOWER walks backward, maintaining a good connection just as she does in the previous sections.

KEY POINTS: Remember to twist slightly at the waist, keeping an upright posture, when you are to the side of each other so that your chests can be parallel.

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