Demonstration Video - 35 seconds

The video shows some of the figures from Swing 1 and 2, and some figures which are not included in either section.

Unlike the other videos in Swing 2, this one is large (1.1 Megabytes) and long (35 seconds). With high-speed connections, there is nearly no wait time. With dial-up modem connections, the download takes about 8 1/2 minutes. Once downloaded, the video can be replayed instantly, over and over if desired. As well, it may be saved to your computer and placed on your computer desktop (see the frequently asked questions section).

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Because the latest software was used in making this video, it will play only with Quicktime version 5.0.2 and above. Most folks already have 5.0.2 since it came out in late 2001. But if you are using Quicktime 4, you will have to download the latest version (currently Quicktime 6) which you can download free at

If you need to upgrade from the free version of Quicktime 4, there are no issues, and we recommend it without reservation. If you paid $30 for the pro version of quicktime 4, be aware that if you download the current version (Quicktime 6) and wish to use the Pro version of it, you will be required to purchase another Pro key ($30) AND you will have difficulty playing your previous pro version if you do not buy the new Pro key. Got all that?!

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