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Salsa 2 Contents
West Coast Swing 1
Polish-Amer. Polka 1
Polish-Amer. Polka 2
Balboa (Bal-Swing)
Argentine Tango 1
Argentine Tango 2
Argentine Tango 3
Argentine Tango 4
Argentine Tango Waltz 1
Argentine Tango Waltz 2
Arg. Tango Close Embrace
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Video Primer

Salsa I - The basics plus 13 easy figures plus demo


Chapter One - Fundamentals and Fundamental Figures

1. - Forward Back Basic

2. - Lady's Comb

3. - Man's Comb

4. - Basic Turning

5. - Side Breaks

6. - Forward Breaks

7. - Back-and-to-the-side Breaks (BATTS)(5th Position Breaks)

8. - Lady's Underarm Right Turn

9. - Man's Underarm Right Turn

10. - Chase Turn

11. - Lady's Underarm Turn from Man's Open Break

12. - Three right turns: Lady's, Man's with hand change, Lady's with handshake hold

12a. - Photos of the different dance handholds

13. - Back Spot Turn

14. - Forward Spot Turn

Chapter Two - Demonstration Video - Click Here

This demonstration video shows many of above figures of Salsa 1, a few from Salsa 2, and several which appear in neither section. Unlike the videos above which are from 6 to 18 seconds, this movie is 60 seconds in length and takes proportionately longer to download (over a dial-up 56k modem connection about 16 minutes). With high speed connections, the video will begin to play in seconds.

Unlike the movies above which require Quicktime version 4 or above to play (released 2000), this video, which was made with the latest software, will require Quicktime 5.0.2 or above (released late 2001). Quicktime is a free download at www.apple.com/quicktime/download. The current version is Quicktime 6.0. Email any questions on Quicktime to us@DanceTutor.com.

For Quicktime Pro (paid version) users Only:All DanceTutor.com videos play equally well on the free version of Quicktime, but for those who have the pro version ($30), be aware -- because Apple Computer does not make it clear on the download page -- that any upgrade to a later pro version of Quicktime will require the purchase of an additional Pro key (still $30). Also, although it is not intuitively the case, upgrading interferes with the use of the earlier Quicktime Pro version.

See Salsa 2 Table of Contents

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