Underarm Turn from an Open Break

Slow motion = right arrow key
Stop/Start = space bar
Play Again = space bar
Mouse Drag - the slider

Instead of stepping forward
left, the man steps back,
which is the open break.

The lady is moving forward...

...and the gent's arm
leads her to turn. To keep
her vertical (up straight)
axis the lady reaches
behind her head.

DT: That looks a lot like the underarm turn we’ve seen before. What’s the open break about.

Kana: Only the gentleman’s footwork changes so our basic lady’s footwork doesn’t change, but he will lead you backwards and at the same time he will step backwards instead of forwards. So he is creating more space between his body and our body and we start our turn from there.

DT: Helmut, does "open" in "open break" refer to the space created between the leader and follower?

Helmut: Yes, I imagine so.

DT: So the follower’s part is the same?

Kana: Yes. When he goes backwards, he tries to keep his hand in contact with the lady in between his body and her body. Ladies' arm should have resistance to receive the lead.

DT: Helmut, does this underarm turn have more pizzazz than the one without the open break?

Helmut: A little. But it's functional too. It's easier to set up a double-turn from the open break. The open break creates the room.

The Keys:
This figure is the same as the Lady's Underarm Turn except that the gentleman steps back with his left (which usually goes forward). This has a different look and feel than doing the underarm turn using the man's forward back basic footwork, (number 8).

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