Man's Underarm Turn

Slow motion = right arrow key
Stop/Start = space bar
Play Again = space bar
Mouse Drag - the slider

The gent takes a big
step but never brings
his body over his left

So as not to pull on
the lady, he reaches
slightly behind his head,
but his elbow stays
forward of his body.

Man's right arm lowers
with the forearm pointing
to the sky. Note his left
hand is not straight at his
side but is held waist-high

Another angle of the
Man's right arm lowering
while pointing upward

DT: You are turning to your right here. Or, if one were above and looking down on it, you are turning clockwise. Do you ever turn left or counterclockwise? Or right, then left, or whatever?

Helmut: Yes.

DT: Is there a time to turn right and another time to turn left ?

Helmut: No, you just don't want to do too many turns continuously.

DT: For athletic reasons? (laughs)

Helmut: Yes.

DT: What are you doing with your right elbow after you go under?

Helmut: For an underarm turn, there are several things you don't want to do, and one is -- you don't want to pick up the elbows out to the side. If you pick up your hand and your elbow is pointing down, it stays within your floor space. Again, you don't want to get your arm stuck.

DT: Arm stuck?

Helmut: Pulled out to the side or back over the head.

DT: Kana, you as the follower are really letting the gentleman do whatever he wants on this one, no?

Kana: We are just doing basic because before we know he is just turning so our part doesn’t change anything.

DT: When his arm takes yours up, so that he can go under it, is there anything that you do with your raised arm?

Kana: Just keep it relaxed and flexible.

The Keys:
Gentlemen keep the forearm vertical. Ladies do the basic and keep arms relaxed. Gentlemen must stay close enough so as not to pull the lady.

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