Man's Comb

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As in the lady's comb,
the dancers need to be
nearly face-to-face
to comb

The lady takes her time
withdrawing her arm

From another angle --
the point of release

Kana: Followerís part is just a basic and the gentlemen are leading themselves to his own comb, so ladies keep your arms very relaxed and put them wherever he wants us to take them.

A common mistake that we make in a ladyís comb or gentlemanís comb would be raising hand too high and it doesnít have to go high, just enough to go over your head, so it does look like you are fixing your hair, just enough to go over your head.

DT: I noticed too that when the gentleman finishes the comb of the lady that your hand slowly and deliberately goes back to position at your side. So it isnít that youíre jerking your hand back.

Kana: Right, just let go along your hair as though you are fixing your hair, you are caressing the back of your head and just the hand go back to where it belongs.

DT: Slowly?

Kana:: Yes.

DT: Helmut, what is going on with your hands when you lift for the comb?

Helmut: It's fingers to fingers, no contact with the palms (indicating), and I have to rotate my hand and her fingers -- she keeps contact with my fingers -- until the comb is completed.

DT: It's the "underfingers", the part of the fingers on the palm side of the hands?

Helmut: Yes.

DT: There your arms are going side to side AND up and down?

Helmut: Yes. It's because my body is moving and my arms are an extension of my body -- as opposed to keeping my body still and moving my arms around a lot.

DT: Kana, in all couple dances, the man leads and the lady follows with few exceptions. Can you think of an instance where you as the follower would initiate a lead in salsa?

Kana: Turns in free hand (no hands). Thatís probably the most we do.

The Keys:
During the comb, a palm to palm grip will not work. Rather, the couple should be "fingers to fingers". The arms should be relaxed. It looks best if there is no stopping of the arms when the man lets go, but rather a smooth continuous action in the moving of the arms.

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