Basic Step with Forward Breaks

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As always, the stepping
legs are bent when the
feet first touch the floor.

The lady's bend is at
the waist, not at the

DT: Helmut, you are varying the forward back basic pattern here?

Helmut: Uh-hmm. here I am breaking forward with my right foot. My riht foot breaks back in the forward back basic pattern.

DT: So you are replacing a right back step with a right forward step?

Helmut: Uh-hmm. Yes.

DT: How are you leading the lady to lean in towards you?

Helmut: After I do my back break, I don't let her go back. I bring her forward with my left hand and it brings her right side forward towards me. Then I stop her, and then pull her in with my right hand, and that will bring her left side forward.

DT: Of the 3 breaks, -- side breaks, this one the forward break, and the one on the next page, the back break, which is the most common?

Helmut: The side break [on the previous page].

DT: Could you rotate while doing breaks?

Helmut: In the side breaks and the back breaks and the forward breaks, you don't really turn. They are kind of stationery.

DT: You could though, no?

Helmut: Yes, you could rotate around on the side break and perhaps the back break, but not the forward break, not easily.

DT: Kana, traditionally, is Salsa taught as starting on 1 and holding on 4, that is, "step, step, step, hold," instead of starting on the two which would "hold, step, step, step"?

Kana: Some people believe that is so, but dancing on two is becoming very much in fashion. I believe it is almost like a gentleman's tie goes wider, narrower, as time goes by. It's almost like that but dancing on 2 is very popular right now. I wouldn't say Mambo is 2 and Salsa is on 1.

DT: You anticipated my next question. If you start to begin on 2 or dance on 2, are you doing Mambo?

Kana: My personal belief is you cannot say because you dance on 1, that is salsa; or you danced on 2 that is mambo. I cannot say that. I do not have any research to back that up. I think some people dance salsa beautifully on 2 and vice versa. But it is easier to start on 1.

The Keys:
Here the back steps are eliminated as the couple do forward break variations, which are repeating forward breaks with both the leader and follower going forward. The gent does not allow the lady to go back, and if he does not lead it, she does not do it (go back, that is).

Most new leaders will have difficulty leading this figure.

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