Back Spot Turn

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Stop/Start = space bar
Play Again = space bar
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Here the man is about
to back step...

followed by a side step,
thus beginning the

He brings his weight over
his left and crosses his
right behind.

Side step

Right foot in front. So
the sequence is Side-
Back-Side-Forward for the
man. For the lady, it is

DT: Helmut, you start the rotation with a left step to the side on the 3rd step of the triple step. Is there a reason for that?

Helmut: I do that because I need to get out of her way so she can step forward with her right foot.

DT: Are you doing a grapevine -- "side, back, side, forward?"

Helmut: Sort of, yes I am.

DT: This is not the same footwork as the turning basic, is it?

Helmut: No, here I am changing the direction of my feet. If I am doing a turning basic (and not a spot turn), I keep the same pattern -- "forward back together back forward together." The pattern stays the same but I just turn. Here I have different footwork. I change the feet to "side, behind the back, side forward."

Kana: Ladies are simply walking forward while he starts walking backwards so ladies donít worry about anything, just stay in your basic until he starts walking backwards, you just walk "forward, forward, forward."

DT: Is the "forward, forward, forward" something that has to happen because the gentleman is leading the lady to walk towards him.

Kana: Uh huh.

DT: Or could she possibly go into like a grapevine.

Kana: That would be the common mistake -- she tries to go backwards. But since heís going back with his body, we try to maintain our body relationship again to his chest. Thatís how we keep going "forward, forward, forward," a very tiny walk.

DT: The rhythm of the feet is the same.

Kana: Yes, rhythm is the same. For the "hold," this one will be the best to be done in the latin hold or gentlemanís right hand behind her back. Heís bringing me forward while he is going backwards with arm. This will be one of those that will be hard to lead and follow with just the visual lead or just the free hand.

The Keys:
For the lady, the back spot turn is simply a forward walk. The gentleman leads to the side on the 3rd step of his forward-back-together basic sequence, which is different from other leads in this chapter. So, instead of forward-back-together, he steps forward-back-side.

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