Three Turns: Lady's underarm turn, Man's turn with behind the back hand change, Lady's underarm turn from cross-hand position

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There is hand contact
but the man is not
churning the lady. She
is able to turn herself,
so the man's hand just
has to be there.

As before on previous pages,
the turning partner reaches
behind in order to turn
without being pulled from
the vertical

On this behind-the-back
hand change, the man's
turn is like any other
right turn -- he extends
the left leg (steps forward)
and shift weight onto it
but does not bring his
body over his left foot.
Thus, he is shoving off
of his left.

Changing from his
left to his right

He keeps his hand close
to his body. When the
turn completes, the couple
will be in the right-to-
right ("handshake") position.

Another right underarm turn,
but unlike the first one,
this one is from the right-
to-right ("handshake")

DT: What are the main points here?

Helmut: The lady's first turn is the same except that you have to bring the hand down faster because the man has to change his hands behind his back, and if you don't bring it down far enough, the elbows are too high. So you bring the hands down as low as you can.

DT: When you change hands -- here you do so behind the back, but whereever -- that means you will be cross-handed position, correct?

Helmut: Yes, if my right takes the lady's right we are in right-to-right or handshake position. I then lead the third turn while we are right-to-right.

DT: Or you could take her right hand with your right and take her left hand with your left hand, either over top your right hand or underneath it?

Helmut: Yes. Depending on what you want to do afterwards, after the turn, you make your choice of handholds.

DT: DanceTutor's level 2 Salsa has figures which have to begin with cross-hands. This would be one way to get into cross-hands?

Helmut: Yes. This is one way. And there are lots of ways to get to different handholds comfortably.

[Ed.: See a page we added to assist in following this interview, the Photos of different dance holds page.]

DT: Kana, this is another example where the woman is doing the same footwork on the underarm turn and the basic and the gentleman is doing something new at least to this point, like switching hands behind his back.

Kana: Yes, in salsa dancing, different hand positions create a lot of different illusions. So it will create a very different look. But basically, if you look at only the feet in this complete set, we are doing basic and right turn almost like before. But we are both basically doing the same exact turn and only the arm changes. So first he will keep my right hand up and next he will change his arm behind his back and that's the only difference, but he's doing exact same turn.

DT: If you saw this below the waist only, would it look the same as the Chase turn?

Kana: Yes.

The Keys:
When the man changes hands -- here he puts her right to his right hand behind his back -- the couple is in handshake position, or right-to-right.

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