Cross Body Lead

He starts to move out of
her path on 5. He
changes his front, but
she does not.

On 6, he is out of her
path. She moves across
the front of him


...she swivels on the
hold count (8)...


...2, he is back in
front of her

DT: Kana, what is happening here?

Kana: Ladies think of imaginary track, walking on straight line in front of you. On the screen, I am on the left in the beginning. After 8 counts of basic, I move from the left side of the screen to right side of the screen in 8 counts. So then Helmut is on the left, and I am on the right. He immediately starts another Cross-body lead, and 8 counts later, I am on the left, and he is on the right side of the screen.

DT: And Helmut, he's just in the way?

Helmut: I do a quarter turn to the left in order to make a way for her. After she walks across in front of me, I do another quarter turn and face her.

DT: You are just getting out of her way?

Helmut: I am getting out of her way, but I am not turning away from her. I am inviting her to step across in front of me but I never lose contact or sight of her.

DT: The cross body lead is one of the signature steps of salsa, no?

Helmut: Yes, one of them. Quite a few figures are built on it, so it's important to learn to do it precisely.

DT: As opposed to fudging it?

Helmut: Exactly, many figures if you fudge them it won't throw off anything. But a lot of figures that are built on the cross body lead are easier if you have the mechanics down and are automatic with it.

Kana: Generally, the figures with the cross body lead are more advanced.

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