Suzy Q with hands held

The leader steps to his
left on 7 (Rt. Foot)
to emphasize the cross-over...

...on 1 which is the
beginning of the Suzy-Qs.
In the photo, both have
stepped on 1 (or, to
use the lingo, both have
"stepped 1"). Next...

...they step back on 2
and keep their "cross-over
foot" crossed over.

On 3, they step...

...and use the "hold count"
(count 4) to cross-over
the other way, ready to

...on count 5

DT: Well, the hands are held here, but how else is this different than the Suzy Q we saw in the chase sequence.

Kana: In chase, the leader "Suzy Q'ed" on 1-2-3-4, and follower copied on 5-6-7-8. Here both Suzy Q together on same count.

Helmut: Also, we are going both ways here, first one direction and then the other. In the chase, it was only done in one direction.

DT: And the lead at the start of these?

Helmut: I get her to step across when I move my body sideways and move her left arm back with my right arm.

DT: The second step is sort of a backstep, isn't it?

Helmut: Either a very small back step and or a step in place.

Kana: If leader travels sideways, the lady travels. If leader doesn't travel [on second step], lady will not travel. And on third step, leader moves sideways again and follower moves with him.

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