Right turn, Slide, Left turn

The 1st time he does this
(in the above video),
he does not bring his
feet together, so it's
just a turn.

The next time he steps

...and slides his feet to-
gether.That's a slide.
Helmut conveys an attitude
by tilting his body away
from Kana as his head
juts slightly towards her.

Kana: This is a nice combination when you are dancing free hands. Either person can start right turn, slide, left turn, and the other can follow, creating “chase” effect.

DT: And if the follower does not know the sequence, or doesn't pick up quickly what is going on?

Kana: Even if one person is not familiar with how to do the figure -- either the follower or leader, -- they keep doing the basic. That’s still fine.

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