Turn with Deep Hip Twist

The leader raise the hands
on 3...

...and rotates the lady on
the hold count 4

The deep hip twist
on count 5


...7 (hold 8)...


...1 1/2...

DT: Are hip twists and tuck turns the same thing?

Helmut: I think so, but this one is a very big turn to her right on count 5, about 90 degrees. A tuck turn is maybe half that.

DT: Is there a trick to this?

Helmut: The biggest thing is to lead the turn back in the opposite direction before the follower commits too much to her right --

DT: -- her left?

Helmut: No, she is stepping with her left foot, but she's turning to her right.

In other words, she has to know early that the left cross-over step will be followed by a turn in the opposite direction. That's done with the arms.

DT: Okay, let me ask Kana, what is in those arms to get uyou to do all this?

Kana: He lifts his arms slightly around count 3, and then with his arms he leads cross-over step. Just before I step with my cross-over foot, I feel his lead soften. Not stop, but soften.

DT: Lighten?

Kana: Less force. Soften or lighten, but less force. Then when my cross-over foot steps down, the lead reverses and we go to other side for inside underarm turn.

DT: Could he lead an outside underarm turn by turning you under your left arm instead of your right.

Kana: Yes, but I have momentum to my right so it is easier and clearer that the underarm turn is under my right.

DT: And a left turn under your right arm makes it an inside turn.

Kana: Uhmmm, yes.

DT: Helmut, is this figure doable by the leader? Could he hip twist and turn himself.

Helmut: Certainly, but he would have to be sure to keep the lady from turning. He does this with his arms. If he is doing all of that movement, twisting one way and turning the other, it would be easy to fool the follower that she should turn, especially on the twist.

DT: That could create a new figure? (laughs)

Helmut: There is such a figure, but not the one intended here.

DT: Could the follower do this spontaneously without a lead?

Helmut: Maybe the follower -- ummm, no, I don't think that would work.

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