Chase - Slide

The slide for the leader --
right foot back and across
on count 5...

...left steps side/forward
on count 6...

..together on 7. (Of
course, 8 is a hold)

On count 1, the lady starts
her slide and the leader
steps back in front of

...the lady left steps
side/forward, and...


Kana: Here, we keep one half of the basic the same -- man’s 1-2-3-4, and lady’s 5-6-7-8 -- and replace the other half with the “slide”.

DT: Okay, what's the slide?

Kana: Right foot crosses behind left foot (man’s 5, lady’s 1), then left foot to the side (on man’s 6, lady’s 2), together (man’s 7, lady’s 3) and hold (man’s 8, lady’s 4).

Helmut: This fits well after a right turn. The right turn happens when you step forward with your left foot (man’s 1-2-3-4, lady’s 5-6-7-8) Once you feel comfortable with the basic, try to combine it with a right turn.

Kana: Attitude has a part. Helmut turns his left side to me on 6, creating a “challenging” look.

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