Chase Right Turns

He turns on 1-2-3-4,
She turns on 5-6-7-8
He left steps on 1...


...3 (hold 4)...

Now her left is free.

...6 (well, just before
touchdown on 6)...

...7 (hold 8).

DT: Getting into free hands must not be difficult. Just let go?

Helmut: Correct. At any time.

DT: What about getting back to closed position?

Helmut: The leaders should be concerned first with connecting with the back and then the hand. Try not to do both at once. When you are dancing free hands you can catch her back at any time with your right hand, but it looks better if you do it when she is coming forward on 5.

Kana: Try not to look desperate by searching for her left hand. It's no big problem if there is a count or two where hands are not together.

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