Left Chase Turns

Count 1. Watch him.

Count 2 & pivoting on
right foot

...still pivoting,
stepping 3,
holding 4...

...On count 5, she starts
with a little hip twist
(or tuck turn)...


...7 (hold 8)...


...1 1/2...

DT: The next three pages show chase turns. Who is chasing who, Kana?

Kana: The lady and the gentleman do exact same move alternately, so each are chasing the other, that is the visual effect.

Helmut: He turns on 1-2-3-4, she turns on 5-6-7-8. It is a kind of visual lead. In this video, he starts his turn, and she follows with her turn in response.

DT: What if she doesn't? Any problem?

Helmut: None at all. When the hands are free either may follow their own inspiration. It looks better though when she picks up the cue.

Kana: Either person can initiate the turn when you are dancing freehand, just allow yourself to be spontaneous and playful. Keep your arms relaxed, almost in position like jogging.

DT: Helmut, is that a tuck turn you are doing?

Helmut: I'm turning my body slightly to the right, to the right before turning left. I am using this unwinding effect for appearance and to make the turn smoother.

DT: So it is functional as well for appearance.

Helmut: Yes, if you were going to throw a ball, you would reach back before going forward with your arm. Same principle here. Before whipping around one way, you go the other way a little first.

DT: Kana, youself and Helmut are not turning exactly the same way.

Kana: He starts pivoting on his right foot back on 2, I open my left foot to side on 7-8. Either person can use either way of turning to left.

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