Manís left turn then right turn

The leader creates a space
to go through by bending
his wrist back.

The lady's hand never
comes forward of the
leader's head. The leader
has to reach back to
assure this.

On the right turn, same thing.
He reaches back, never
pulling on the lady's arm

Helmut: Here, for the left turn, I mostly pivot on my right foot back on 2. This is another way of turning to the left.

DT: What is the first way?

Helmut: To pivot mostly on the left foot on 1.

Kana: Both the gentleman and the lady have to keep their arms relaxed all the time. In this particular combination, he is keeping his right hand to her left hand all the way, and turning himself under her arm. Ladies relax and enjoy watching him having a good time.

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