Lady's left tuck turn in place, then right turn

The tuck or hip twist
on 5-6

Then the left turn. Note
the leader's left arm is
at a 45 degree angle

Facing him on 1

Now the right turn. Again,
the leader's arm is at
45 degrees

They are about to....


Helmut: This is a combination of a lady’s left tuck turn followed by right turn. In this combination, all the turning is happening on the second half of the 8-count (7-8).

DT: The second turn seems earlier than that.

Helmut: Ok, we cheat a little on that one by starting before 7.

DT: What is the tuck about?

Helmut: I am leading her into a little hip twist, right before her left turn. This not only adds a little spice to the dancing, but also makes her turn easier, since she can use the “unwinding” effect in preparation for the turn. Think of a rubber band twisted several times around a pencil. What happens when you let go of the pencil?

DT: ...(pause)...ummm, that's a stretch. (laughs)

Kana: Gentlemen, after finishing her left turn, don’t turn her to the right too soon. Always let her walk towards you on 5, straight forward, and then turn her. As we learned in Salsa 1, it is a common mistake to turn her too soon, and make her feel twisted in undesirable way.

DT: How about for the followers, Kana?

Kana: Ladies, use your hip twist to right (on 5), before turning to left. That will accelerate your left turn. Having done “hip twist” (on 5-6) open your left foot to the side (7-8). By the time you take next right foot back on 1, you should be facing him and looking at him straight on. For the right turn, remember to walk forward on 5, and then turn to right. If you start turning too soon, you will be twisted.

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