Ladyís right turn with various arm combinations; Part 2
  • E. His right to her right (hand shake)
  • F. His left to her left
  • G. Cross hands (followed by comb)

Right to Right

Left to Left

Cross Hands

The comb

Resolution of the comb

Kana: Letís look at other possibilities of hand combinations: his right to her right (hand shake), his left to her left, Cross hands hold (right to right on the top - left to left on the top), Comb.

Gentleman, you can lead her to right turn with all these possibilities. Cross hands hold can be done with either hand on the top. When you finish the turn, the other hand will be on the top. You could add comb from cross hands. The comb isn't a handhold, but an example of a figure which requires cross hands.

DT: The comb necessarily starts from cross-hands?

Kana: Yes. Watch how smoothly Helmut catches my back with his right hand, dropping his right hand while he does comb with his left hand.

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