Ladyís right turn with various handhold combinations
  • A. his left to her right
  • B. his right to her left
  • C. two hands hold (both hands go up)
  • D. two hands hold (manís left hand up, right hand down to hammerlock)

Left to right handhold.
This is a right turn by
the lady, as her right
shoulder leads back. It
is an outside turn
because her arm is not
brought across her
face. Together, we
would say that this
is an outside right
turn. See the next
photo for an inside
turn where the arm is
brought across her

Right to left. Her
arm is brought across
or in front of her
face, so it is an in-
side turn. Together, it's
an inside right turn.

Two hand hold

To the Hammerlock --
Similar to the previous
Two-hand hold but he
will keep her left low... this...

...and as she completes
the turn...

...he straightens his right
arm to allow the
distance between them.
This is a hammerlock, an
an undescriptive name of
unknown origin, but
that is what it is

DT: Kana, I would guess that for the follower the left to right handhold is the most welcome for the lady's right turn.

Kana: It requires least adjustment I think, the least movement.

Helmut: The most problems are with the two-hand hold with both arms up. New dancers have a tendency to pull their one hand away from the leader's.

DT: They think only one hand should be held on the underarm turn?

Helmut: Yes. It's very quickly corrected, but followers seem to all start out pulling their one hand away, or attempting to.

DT: How about with the hammerlock?

Helmut: There too.

Kana: Gentlemen be very careful with the hammerlock not to pull lady's arm.

DT: The arm behind her back?

Kana: Uh-huh. There should be no "pulling" on that arm.

Helmut: Which means that the leader has to stay close enough to keep contact with her hand without pulling on it. There should be some "give" in the arms instead of being taut. When she is turning too, there shouldn't be any pulling on the arm.

Still Photos with names of handholds (Click)

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