Manís Right Turn with various hand combinations

[18 second video; longer
download than most]

"Right to left." In
dance phrases, the short-
hand is that the first
reference is to the leader,
and the second to the
follower. So it's Man's
right to woman's left.

Left to Right

Right to Right

Left to left

Two hands hold

Double cross hands hold -
lefts on top

The comb

There are a number of
options from here

Helmut: The video shows all the possibilities of the leader's arm during his right turn. It's an exercise. But become really familiar with these possibilities. In actual dancing, you will be mixing right turns and left turns, his turns and her turns, right arms and left arms.

DT: For terminology, a right turn can be done with a left arm hold, correct?

Helmut: Sure, the arms have nothing to do with defining "right turn" or "left turn". It's the shoulder -- the first shoulder to the back of the turner, that's "right" or "left", regardless of which hands are held. Here I am turning right. My right shoulder goes back first.

DT: The hands don't define "inside turn" or "outside turn"but they do determine whether it's an inside turn or outside turn.

Helmut: This is confusing and it's probably a good idea to talk about it. An inside turn is where the hand is led first in front of the face of the turner. An outside turn is where the hand goes to the back of the turner without first going across the front of her face.

DT: Kana, how about the follower here?

Kana: Ladies, in this exercise, he is doing all the work. Donít get disturbed by his turns. Just relax your arms, and keep your basic beat with your feet very steady. Be a partner he can trust. That is, you will be always there when he comes back and your beat is consistent and clear.

DT: If the follower is not there when he comes back, where would she have gone?

Kana: Away from him or to the side.

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