Cross Body Lead, 2-Hands Turn, Comb, Cross Body Lead

The start of the 2-Hand
underarm turn

Left-to-Right is on top

He will next turn to
his left to lead her
across and closer.... this.

DT: Does the title say it all -- cross body lead, 2-hand underarm turn, comb, cross body lead. That's a funky comb, isn't it?

Kana: It's not cross hands like usual in the comb.

Helmut: This video illustrates the cross body lead and the 2-hand underarm turn, which we have already discussed, and shows a comb from an untraditional handhold. The comb is also the point where the leader turns his body to invite the lady across.

DT: Untraditional for the comb.

Kana: Yes, the handhold is untraditional for the comb. Otherwise, not unusual.

DT: Key points?

Kana: A common mistake would be to be too far apart on the comb. The lady's whole left arm is across his back, so the leader must bring the lady towards him and not lean too much towards her.

Helmut: And that bringing the lady forward is the lead for the cross body lead.

DT: Helmut, you have been teaching dance for a long time. What is the most difficult dance fundamental to teach?

Helmut: The hardest thing to get someone to do when they dance is to relax. Even when you point out to students that they should relax, they will tell you that they are relaxed when they are not. I am talking about physically relaxed,-- not tensed up. All the emphasis on frame makes us stiff dancers, but frame is not inconsistent with being relaxed. Both are necessary. It is very long and difficult for most people to learn that.

DT: You mean that one month or two is not long enough? (laughs)

Helmut: ....Ummmm, hardly, where and when to put your feet can be shown right away. How to move your body over your feet and how to lead and follow take longer.

DT: Well, that's all the time we have and we have reached the end of Salsa 2. Thank you Helmut and Kana for coming down from New York to do this. It's been much fun for us.

Helmut: Our pleasure.

End of Salsa 2

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