Cross Body Lead with various arm combinations, Part 2:
Cross-hands hold
His right to her right
His left to her left

Shown: twice with each handhold

Cross Hands Hold

Right to Right

Left to Left

DT: Helmut, the cross-hands hold has the left hands on top. Could it be done with the right hands on top.

Helmut: Just as easily. Again, if you change the handhold, you change the options you have for figures.

DT: So the handholds dictate which figures you can do?

Kana: Some figures can be done from many handholds. Others require certain handholds. An example, the comb, requires a cross-hands hold.

DT: But the comb could be either rights on top or lefts on top?

Kana: Ah, yes. But it is easier or best one or the other, depending on who is combed or who is combing, man or lady. Dancing is not perfectly symmetrical right and left. Man never has his left hand on lady's back and right-to-left hand hold, as if the lady were leading the man, for instance. And on count 1, the gentleman usually steps left and the lady right. These kinds of things influence what can best be done to the right and left, and when.

DT: Isn't it common to hear that everything should be tried to both sides.

Kana: Uh-huh, I agree. But some figures will work to both sides and others will not.

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