Cross Body Lead with various hand combinations, Part 1:
Two hands hold
His right to her left
His left to her right

Shown: twice with each handhold

Two Hands Hold

Right to Left

Left to Right

DT: Same cross-body lead footwork, different handholds?

Kana: Yes, I am going back and forth on the same line. Same footwork.

Helmut: Different figures are done with the different handholds, so students should practice the different holds until they are automatic with them.

DT: To turn to something mentioned earlier, we put "his" and "her" in the title above, but "right to left" might be the way some instructors refer to "his right to her left".

Helmut: Yes, the presumption is that the man is referred to first, so "right to left" means man's right to lady's left. And that is used everywhere that I know of.

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