7h. Triple Step Step Twirrrllllll ('The Ride')

Feet stay close together;
lean away from each other

When the ride is over,
it is time to backstep

We will finish with a difficult one. The first part of the video is simply the double underarm turn (page 7c). After that, the "ride" starts on count 4 when the gent steps with his right foot very close to the ladies right foot and balances himself over that point (where his right foot is) while leaning a little away from the lady.

The lady supplies most of the power for the turn and must remember and master three things:

As with previous moves, the couple have extended the count to beyond the standard 6 counts to accomodate a longer turn. The video ends as the couple are about the take a backstep.

And that is the end of East Coast Swing level 2. Hope you enjoyed it.

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