7e. Behind the back hand-switch turn ("Texas Tommy")

The arm goes behind her back on 1 and 2. The gent changes hands. The turn is on 3 and 4 and the couple backsteps facing each other in the shake hands position (man's right hand to woman's right hand) on 5 and 6.

Gent eases lady's hand behind
her back and switches hands

Once the gent has the lady's hand behind her back and switches hands, she will spin around -- it's the only way she can go in that position. Men should allow the women to turn without yanking on the hand behind her back.

The behind-the-back move is doable, but somewhat difficult in the open dance position.

Many ladies -- and most ladies who are less experienced dancers -- will instinctively resist having their arm put in that position. If the lady resists on this lead or any lead, the gent should quickly immediately discontinue the sequence and without stopping continue with another sequence. More generally, whenever things get out of sync, just shuffle around until you find the beat.

When the lady rotates to facing the gentleman again, they are in the handshake position because of the change of hands behind the back.

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