7c. Double underarm turn

If the music is slow enough or if the lady is quick, she can be turned twice, instead of the more common once. To let her know it's happening, the gent has to keep his hand raised and "shine her halo", -- that is, keep his hand directly over her crown as she is turning.

"Shining her halo"
on the double turn;
His hand directly
over her head

Double turns are easily leadable but have be led early and correctly.

It is important to signal the extra turn as early as possible because now the lady has to complete two turns in the time she ordinarily would complete one, so she needs to hurry and turn more quickly. She needs the earliest indication. The lead is accomplished with increased pressure on her hand (something far short of squeezing her hand.) which means that it will not feel the same to her than it would if the leader intended a single turn.

If the lady attempts to turn twice without the gent leading her to do it, -- that is, if the gent leads a single turn and the lady attempts to turn twice -- there will be a moment of confusion as the gent's hand comes down and the lady pushes it back up. It often happens though that a follower will get impatient to show her double turn, and there is probably no harm in her taking the initiative. Try it.

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