7b. Hop Over, hop back

The move starts the same as a tuck turn (gent pulls lady towards him before sending her away). The man could jump alone without the lady, but if the lady is to know early enough to jump as well, he has to either give her a verbal cue ("jump!") or communicate the variation somehow with his hand on her back.

The lady is vulnerable,
be careful!

If the lady feels increased pressure on her back, she may know it is not the usual tuck turn, and if she is familiar with the partner, she may know to jump. Without that familiarity, this probably is an unleadable move.

After the second jump, you have the same hold or freeze as in the last move. The freeze is ended with the "badah" or "and four" steps followed by the backstep. As is evident in the photo, the lady is in a vulnerable position, so be careful.

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