6l. Triple-Step Step hold hold hold

As with the last move, the title "Triple-Step Step hold hold hold", describes what is occurring. The video begins with a back step (counts 5 - 6) and then the couple triple steps (counts 1 & 2). The lady continues and finishes with her usual feet rhythm but the gent steps on 3 and then holds for counts 4 - 5 - 6. Actually he is not holding the left foot still, he is slowly dragging it in, but he does not put weight on it until count 1 of the next sequence.

There is no signal or lead the lady has to get. The gent just does it. To get the right look, the gent takes a longer than usual step on count 4 to give him some space to drag the left leg over.

If the gent may arbitrarily alter the feet rhythm, does the same work for the lady? We think so, try it.

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