6j. Open to Closed Position Hand-on-Back Turn

From open position, the gent gets into a kind of closed position, only with his left and her right arms free. He has also started her to the side just before leading her to turn. The lead for the turn is the man's right hand on the lady's back on counts 3 and 4. If the lead is done correctly it is unmistakable. The lady will turn.

Man's hand on the back
signals the lady to turn

The gent turns too which means that neither will see the other for a moment which makes the reconnection of the hands trickier. Notice that Bob and Eva, who have been dancing together a long time, hold their arms at about the same height, so that the reconnection is smooth and there is no "hunting" for hands.

A common mistake would be for either to drop their hands to thigh level and then attempt to raise them to reconnect with the other, which would make a smooth reconnection more difficult.

The reconnection occurs just before stepping on 5 (the "back" of the "back step").

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