6h. Scratch Back

The hand goes on the back on 4 (photo),

A regular underarn turn except
the gent does not turn around
to face the lady

On the back-step, the gent has to step to the side because the lady is directly behind him; The lady backsteps normally and slides her hand down gent's back (photo)

The lady slides her hand down
gent's back and takes gent's

On counts 1 and 2, the gent moves the lady counterclockwise (photo),

Gent first leads her to
the left before....

and then reverses direction on 3 and 4 (photo). as usual the goal is to be approximately facing each other to do the backstep on 5 - 6, but if either is slow to get around, no problem -- use part of 5 - 6 to complete the turn.

...sending her to turn
the other way

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