6g. Touch Backs with Lady's turn

Do you remember on previous pages a few patterns started with an underarm turn at the end of which the gent switched the lady's left hand to his right hand? Here the video starts on a backstep and already in the handshake position, and then for each kick step there is either a touch back or turn-away, followed by a looping turn and a back step. The kick step is always 2 counts, one for the kick and another for the step down. However, for stability, the gent does not kick step during the lady's turn. Instead he does a touch step with his right foot (see photo).

The gent does not kick
step on the turn but
rises on his toes
in a kind of touch step
to accent the turn.
He should try not to
drift too far from her
either on the turn on
the touch backs.

The loop turn can be inserted after any number of touch backs. Here, Bob and Eva first do a turn after 2 touch backs and then precede a second turn with 1 touch back. Suit to taste.

A common mistake would be for the leader to travel too far from the lady during the turn. He should try to stay the same distance from her on his way around her.

Since the dancers are in handshake position, a very sheik thing to do would be to follow the touch backs with a Neck Wrap Push Away (4f). Or, the leader could simply switch back to normal hand position and procede from there.

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