6e. Jive walk with kicks

As shown, the sequence begins with a backstep. If no verbal lead is given to the lady, such as saying "Jive Kicks", she won't know the move until the second kick. That's not a big problem and is true of many leads. Another move which the lady may not "see" at the beginning is the toe-heel-cross.

Kick in...

Kick out...

Gent's big kick signals the
end of the jive walks

The number of kicks is up to the gent and may be any even number.

To signal the end of the jive kicks, the gent kicks higher than normal (photo, above), and then leads a tuck turn out to the open position.

In addition to a higher kick, other signals to the lady that the end of the jive kicks is at hand could be raising her hand, or moving closer, or anything which indicates a change. Remember, what she is thinking is "When and how is he going to end the jive walks"? So any signal will be interpreted by her to mean "Now".

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