6d. Touch-backs

After doing a basic step sequence (6 counts), the couple uses the next 6 counts to get into the handshake position.

Following the back-step in the handshake position, the gent kicks at the same time he puts his hand on the lady's back (photo). The lady similarly kicks and the parties alternate touching the other's back, each one kicking on every step. (Eva though has broken with the script a little in that she is not so much kicking as she is pointing (with little or no weight). Looks fine, you can do that too.)

The feet go "kick, step, kick, step" , or, Eva is doing "point, step, point, step". The number of touchbacks is up to the leader. The exit is an underarm turn and has the lady moving in the same direction as the touchback with the exception that her arm is lifted which tells her to turn under, thus ending the touchback sequence.

Whoever is kicking on the outside foot (the foot furthest from the partner) is touching the back of the other.

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