6c. Right side cuddle with tuck turn exit

During the first 6 count basic step the man offers the lady his right hand. The lady then is led to take 2 steps (on 4 counts) to the cuddle (side-by-side) position. Once there, both backstep.

The lady's 2nd step on 3
going into the cuddle.
The gent has to lift
over her head

Now to get out of the cuddle position, the gent rotates the lady towards himself on 1 and 2 (the "tuck") before sending her in the other direction on 3 and 4. Once facing each other, both backstep.

To cape or to cuddle -- what's the difference? The cape (last page) requires only one hand to lead, but that lead hand must be right-to-right (handshake position). The cuddle requires 2 hands to lead and the hands are not crossed right-to-left and left-to-right.

The convention in dance generally is to reference the gent's part first, so the right-to-left handhold means the gent's right to the lady's left, and so on.

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