6b. To cape position (a/k/a side-by-side or domino) with tuck turn exit

Here the leader uses the underarm turn to switch hands to the right-to-right or handshake position (man's right to lady's right), which is required to get into the cape position which is to follow.

Notice that the dancers maintain the single step basic foot rhythm throughout the pattern -- slow, slow, quick quick (step, step, backstep).

In the photo below, Bob is about to pick up Eva's left hand to complete the entry into the cape position. Hands are at lady's shoulder height.The move is very similar to the move on the next page except that in the next video, the gent never leaves go of the lady's hand. You will see what that requires.

The above side-by-side position is referred to as the cape position (as in a gent helping a lady on with her cape).

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