6a. Shoulder slide (butterfly)

The photo below shows a stylistic touch whereby Bob has crossed Eva's left hand over her right before ascending the arms to the shoulders (lower photo). The up-on-the-shoulders is on 1-2, the slide-away is on 3-4, followed by the backstep.

After that, the couple is in handshake position (right hand to right hand). To return to the usual position, Bob simply changes hands during the next underarm turn.

Cross hands to accent
the following hand lift
In dance the arms should be relaxed but firm, not limp and not locked. The hand to hand pressure should remain somewhat the same while the arms are going about the figure the gent is leading.

1-2up t' shoulders
3-4slide away

On counts 1 - 2,
The gent lifts (gently)
lady's left behind
her head


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