5k. Gent's Hammerlock with tuck turn

(Oops! We didn't see our error until someone pointed it out to us, but this page shows the same figure as 5h, but has different text, so we are letting it in for review.)

On 1 - 2 the hand goes behind the back and the gent switches hands. To do this, the gent has to get closer to the lady.

On 3 - 4 the couple turn and on 5 join hands in the hammerlock position. (We don't know why it's called the hammerlock position, but we know it is called that. )

The exit from the gent's hammerlock position shown in the video is:

  • Kick step, kick step, (counts 1 - 4)
  • On 5 - 6 the gent leads lady forward then back while he backsteps normally,
  • then gent continues back lead on 1 - 2,
  • then lady goes forward and turns on 3-4,
  • That's it -- the video ends on 4, just before the backstep.
As usual, most of the action is on counts 3 - 4.

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