5j. Traveling jump turn

The front half (dancers moving towards the camera) is 8 counts (which doesn't count the initial backstep), and the back half (dancers moving away from camera) is 6 counts. The 6 count part includes a kickstep (counts 1 - 2, (kicksteps are always 2 counts)), jump around (3 - 4), and backstep (5 - 6).

A variation would be to simply turn on 3 - 4 instead of jump-turning.

We did it again! We started the video on the back step rather than the step to the side so we are inconsistent with the presentation on this site that the basic sequence starts with a step to the side rather than a back step (step hold step hold back step). But as we mentioned before, there is no reason not to define the back step as the first 2 counts rather than as the 5th and 6th counts (back step, step hold step hold), and in some quarters they do just that. Because lindy starts with a back step on 1 - 2, and because lindy and jitterbug are done in the same dance, there's an advantage (consistency) to assigning the jitterbug back step counts 1 - 2.

Jump around on 3 and 4


Jumping on 3-4 the other way

Remember that kicksteps hinge at the knee, so lift the knee to make an angle before kicking.

Again, the video uncharacteristically for this site begins with a backstep. Since we have defined a jitterbug sequence as ending on the backstep, not beginning on it, we start the count after the backstep. If we were to count the opening backstep, the first half (towards the camera) is 10 counts, not 8.

If the discussion about the back step beginning or ending the sequence is unclear, we recomment that you don't spend any time on it.

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