5g. Double backstep

Instead of the usual one backstep, the lady and gent do two. After the first backstep, the gent signals the lady to backstep again by keeping her left hand in close to his side rather than out to the side.

Notice that in all of the videos, the dancers dance on slightly bent knees. Dance 2 inches shorter than your height. If you are 5' 8", make yourself 5' 6", etc.

Man braces lady
for 2nd backstep

The double backstep in the video is done at the end of the single step basic step. However, it could be done at the end of any move.

Backstepping twice means that the dancers are no longer in a 6 count sequence, but have added 2 counts. Just keep going -- as long as the extensions are an even number of counts (2, 4, 6, 8 etc.), it works.

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