5e. "Rear" step



butt out on count 5 (shown)
and butt in on the count 6
followed by the backstep,
or, if preferred, the butts
could replace the backstep.

This is a combination of "Kicks" and the Rear Step.

After a "Kicks" sequence (counts 1 through 4), there's a "leaning on a bar stool" pose (photo), or rear step for 2 counts (butt out for 1 count and butt in for 1 count). The "rear" step does not replace the backstep but rather is added before it, which has the effect of extending the count for the sequence to 8. The "rear" step could just as easily replace the backstep, but it does not here, the backstep is added at the end. Or, the gent could lead a 4 count sequence with butt out for 2 counts and butt in for 2 counts. He could do this by holding the lady away for 2 counts before allowing her to straighten for 2 counts.

It isn't absolutely necessary to begin the rear step or the previous lady jumps with the "kicks".

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