5b. "Kicks"

This is not to be confused with the kick step basic move.

This choreographed move begins in closed position but facing forward. The first kick step on the 1 and 2 counts is with the outside foot (the foot furthest from your partner). The second kick on the 3 and 4 counts is with the inside foot.

There is not the usual backstep on 5 and 6. Instead, the couple continues to kick step while facing each other.

The lady kicks between the man's legs first (while the man kicks outside) on 5 and 6 (photo below).

Then the man kicks between the lady's legs while the lady kicks outside on 7 and 8 (below).

And then, after those 8 counts, the couple backsteps. The video ends on the "back" of the backstep and here Bob has turned Eva out so that the couple is facing forward again. He could just as easily have kept the more usual "facing each other" closed position.

8 counts and not 6! Yes, as mentioned previously, it happens with certain sequences in jitterbug that the count extends to more than 6. However, the count will always be an even number.

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