4m. Cuddle right, cuddle left

After a basic 6 count pattern, the gent has both of the lady's hands. On 1 and 2, he raises the lady's right hand without letting go of the other, and the lady turns into the cuddle position. It takes her 2 steps (4 counts) to do this. On 5 - 6 the couple backsteps.

The gent never leaves go of
either hand, so he has to lift
arms as the lady walks into the
side-by-side or "cuddle" position

Usually at this juncture the gent would leave go of the lady's left hand and she would turn out. However, here the gent keeps hold of both hands and applies gentle pressure so the lady knows to take 2 steps (again using 4 counts) to his other side. The couple then backsteps on 5 and 6.

The move ends with the gent releasing the lady's left hand allowing her to turn out.

Except for a final combination which follows this page, that's all for Swing 1. Swing 2 has new chapters on choreographed moves (sequences which the parties know by memory and which are not led), more difficult "common moves" and moves for the spry and nimble (more athletic moves). See the Swing 2 Table of Contents.

Good luck!

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