4l. One-hand both turn "under arms"

The gent leads the woman by stepping to his left and drawing her arm that way. If the woman is familiar with the move or if she correctly anticipates the direction, she will follow the lead. If not, as always, the gent should release the tension (if not the hand entirely) and go on to something else.

It looks stylish if the dancers look at each other until the turn forces them to look away (1st photo below).

The lady is particularly vulnerable on this turn (see 2nd photo below) and the gents need to be sensitive to that, especially when dancing with a unfamiliar partner.

The gent has to "telegraph" to the
lady in which direction he would
like her to go. This is done here
with "directional pressure" from
his left arm and hand.

The couple have completed 1/2 of
a full turn at this point. They'll
swivel to face each other before
finishing with a backstep. 360
degrees is covered in 2 steps
(4 counts)

If the couple would turn with both hands held (the "2-Handed Both Turn" in Chapter 7) instead of only one, there's a different look and it is considerably more strenuous.

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