4k. Mini-dip

After a basic step, the gent leads the lady in front of him and dips her on counts 1 and 2, and then sends her back out on 3 and 4, followed by the backstep. The cross-in-front (or dip) could be four counts instead of 2. As they say in cooking, suit to taste.

The gent leads this by first keeping his right foot planted and lurching far to his left with his left foot, and then bending at the knees. The lady's back foot should not be more than halfway between the gent's feet (photo, below). The lady needs to keep bent knees also.

The gent leads the ascent from the dip by straightening the knees.

The lady's left should not
be more than halfway
between the gent's feet.

As in most steps of this type,
notwithstanding the look of it,
if the gent were to suddenly
let go, the lady would still be
on her feet on her own balance,
at least more so than it appears

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